About Us

I would like to tell you the reason this resort came into being.
When I first got married I took my dog to a boarding kennel for dogs. Without going into great detail, I will just say that it was not a good experience for me or my dog. In 2001, I opened Dog-Woods Resort.

I love my job because I love animals! I treat every pet like royalty and understand that when you leave your pet with me, you are trusting me with a special member of your family. All of the dogs in my care receive tender loving care, and wonderful play times.
Owners provide food for their pet as it is important to stay on the same diet and schedule.

I pride myself on giving your animal gentle attention when you're away from home. I am a dog owner myself. I do everything possible to make your pet feel at ease and at home. If you have special diet requirements or exercise needs for your animal, please let me know and I'll be happy to abide by them.

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