About The Resort

Dog-Woods Resort is not a typical kennel.

All dogs have thier own room, be it one dog or a family of dogs. Our rooms vary in size from 8x10 up to 12x15 feet. All of the rooms at the resort are tiled floors NOT concrete. All rooms have a private yard & during the daylight hours your pet(s) can freely come and go.

All of our rooms have windows and are painted and decorated. Each room has ceiling fans and heat lamps.

The yards average 2,500 sq.ft. and all yards have wading pools, platforms with pillows, shaded tree areas as well as sun areas.

Every day every dog is taken out for a minimum of 1 hour off leash exploration on our 18 acre facility. In our off leash area there is a pond, creek and pine wooded areas. When walking your pet, it may your pet alone or in group walks.


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